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Raven, August 2009

Born: 9/8/07
Parents: Ch Toven Winter Triumph x Dury Voe Extra Extra
Raven’s Pedigree

The sun went away on July 21, 2006, when I said goodbye to my beloved Sally. It came back out on January 10, 2008 when this pint-sized little sweetheart bounced into my life!

I was starting to think losing Sally had made me “immune” to puppies. I’d looked at a few, cruised listings of rescue dogs but none of them had done anything for me. Then I heard about Raven …

Raven was born on September 8, 2007 – just a week before what would have been Sally’s 16th birthday. By a strange coincidence, her breeder had nicknamed her “Cookie” – my special pet name for Sally! I was intrigued, but also knew that her breeder was growing her out as a potential showgirl and addition to her breeding program – on a hunch, I asked her to let me know if she changed her mind.

When I heard she was going to be available, I jumped at the chance to go see her. I was strangely nervous too – would I like her? Would she like me? Would I be disappointed again and go home without her?

I walked into her breeder’s kitchen and there was this little black ball of fluff – all of 11″ tall and not quite 9 lbs. A perfect little Sheltie DOLL, with long, black eyelashes, who climbed into my lap and stayed there most of my visit! Long story short, she came home with us that day and stayed.

Raven, the day she came home

Raven has grown into a little 13.5″ powerhouse – full of energy and drive when she’s working, but sweet and snuggly when she’s not. Her favorite “lounging around the house” position is lying on the sofa with all 4 feet in the air. She’s very feminine and quite the fashionista – put some frilly outfit on her that would send most dogs running into their crates to sulk and Raven totally OWNS it!

Even though she’s been with me the shortest amount of time, she feels like an old
friend. I like to think she’s a gift from Sally – her way of saying “I’m FINE Mom – now stop whining about me and go have some FUN!”

Raven - Jumpers

I think we’ll be having a LOT more fun together – I can’t wait !


  1. Granny Toni says

    I’m so glad you have her, Mary-Anne! She was and still is, a sweetie with a little “kick”! She’s lucky to have you ion her life!

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