Outdoor Kitties

A small colony of feral and stray cats who make their home here. They are probably all related somehow and may be related to my ‘Bika too, though exactly HOW they’re related is anyone’s guess!


Hat on the railing

Hat is just the sweetest boy! Affectionate, friendly and playful, he gets along well with the other 2 outside cats, apparently adores me and even greets my dogs. He’s adopted us!

Hat is now one of my indoor kitties!

Update: Late at night on the Friday before Valentine’s day, 2010, Hat showed up at my house injured and frightened – it looked like he’d been attacked by some other animal. I took him inside and he officially became part of my “family” that night. I couldn’t be happier – I love him, he belongs here!


Handsome Kit

Kit is the oldest of the bunch. He’s kind of a curmudgeonly loner, but he likes Hat. He has a limp and is the shyest of the 3 – I take care of him as best I can but I worry about him.

Update: Kit went missing the week Hat was attacked and hasn’t been seen since :(. There is a black cat that passes through occasionally that looks just like him except for the white locket – probably an offspring or sibling. Miss you, Kitty-man.



Cassie was Hat’s little shadow. She’s quite skittish but since Hat came indoors and Kit went missing she’s become touchable! She enjoys being petted, rubs up against my dogs (much to their disgust) and has become my new “porch cat.”

Update: Cassie came indoors last fall and is now “Cyndee.” It wasnt an easy transition for her, and she still doesn’t have the run of the entire house, but she’s been reunited with Hat, made friends with Kacey, learned to relax and play with toys, and is VERY affectionate. She’s a keeper.

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