How to REALLY get on a “Do Not Call” List

Ever get a series of phone calls from 541-868-1309?

I did tonight. The number belongs to a “marketing group” called Venture Data (shows up on caller id as Venture Data3). If you google them, you’ll see they’re best known for the charming hobby of “push polling” (although their website swears otherwise). Push polling is when telemarketers, funded by a particular interest group (i.e. political), try to “push” an opinion on their callees under the guise of a “poll”. For example, they might ask questions like “Does candidate X’s misuse of public funds make you less likely to vote for him?”. Insinuating that there WAS a misuse of public funds by candidate X, when in reality no such evidence exists.

Nice, huh?
Anyone who has ever called me know that Bryce and Jayda, like to (shall we say) “answer the phone”. In that annoying way many of their breed like to “answer the phone” – it’s a shetie thing.

Anyway I had “the kids” out playing when the phone rang … again! After 6 nuisance calls between 5 and 7 PM I was really starting to lose patience with these folks. I was provoked… I was inspired… I had a flash of evil genius ….

I let Bryce and Jayda “answer the phone” }:D. Two shelties, up close and personal.
… Yup – that did the trick – the calls stopped.

Bad mom, GOOD dogs!!!