2009 FCI World Championships Results

Access to the host site is kind of hit-or-miss – I managed to get a connection so I thought I’d summarize here – will add to this post through the weekend as results come in.

Edit: 9/19/09 – The site seems to be responding much better this morning so rather than me reposting here, why not visit them yourself – http://www.agility-wm2009.at/OnlineResultate/

Congrats to the USA medium team – looks like they took the team Silver with only 5 faults total! Well done :)!

Large dog team agility final results

Looks like these are the final standings from the large team jumping + agility (assuming everything’s been posted)

  1. Russia
  2. Italy
  3. Great Britain
  4. Hungary
  5. France
  6. Germany
  7. Slovakia
  8. Slovenia
  9. Brazil
  10. Austria

Canada in 12th, USA in 17th.

After the team jumping, here are the leaders in the team medium dogs:

  1. France
  2. Switzerland
  3. Finland
  4. Denmark
  5. Italy

USA medium team is currently in 9th place, Canada in 18th and Great Britain in 20th.

Small dogs team jumping –

  1. France
  2. Switzerland
  3. Russia
  4. Austria
  5. Canada

Great Britain small team is currently in 9th, USA is 25th

Course maps are posted on the agilityvision site, which also has paid live-stream and video-on-demand coverage.