Happy New Year 2010

Happy 2010!

Here’s the obligatory New Years dog photo (the cats never cooperate)…

Happy New Year 2010

(Yes, it looks like Raven may have either had some personal hygeine issues or was passing gas since the others refused to sit that close to her… but at least they’re all looking nicely at the camera and it only took me 4 tries :) ! )

2009 had it’s good points and it’s bad points. On the good side, Bryce is still with us and doing pretty well. On the minus side, Jasmine is gone. Wasn’t a bad agility year.

It was however a very EXPENSIVE year right up to the end :(! The week before Christmas, Kacey suddenly got sick – frequent vomiting, not eating, acting miserable. Now since Kacey’s tongue is always in places where a cat’s tongue shouldn’t be, she gets a nasty GI upset or two every year (though it’s usually the other end that’s affected) so I went with my usual strategy – took her to my vet for fluids and some shots to help her stop vomiting.

Eight hours later, she was still vomiting every 1.5-2 hours, so on the recommendation of my vet, off she went to the $$$ 24 hr hospital. $$$ Got there just in time to catch the $$$ ultrasound technician $$$ on her way out the door. The good news was that there were no blockages, however she had a mildly inflamed pancreas and a VERY badly inflamed stomach. $$$ Spent the night there $$$ on IV’s.

Of course, she didn’t vomit once after she was checked in! The next morning found her biting the techs – not something you usually want to hear and I’ll probably burn in hell for giggling about it when they told me, but it was the best sign possible that Kacey was feeling well enough to act like herself. She wouldn’t eat for them, so I went over and managed to coax her to eat a few licks of baby food. After a few hours to make sure that stayed down she came home – indignant, freaked-out, and sporting what can only be described as a semi poodle-clip (apparently they needed to shave THREE legs to find a vein?) but as happy to be home as I was to have her back!

So far so good – what a relief but what a scare! Kacey’s my oldest (2 yrs older than Bryce) – she’s kind of a badass, but I really love her and am not ready to see her leave us any time soon!

Coming right on the heels of Bryce’s “episodes” this was really rough on the already-hurting checkbook as you can well imagine! If you’re ever in a similar situation, I highly recommend checking out CareCredit, which lets you make payments interest-free as long as you make monthly payments and pay off your balance in full within a certain time period (in this case, 90 days).

So here’s to a slightly less-crazy 2010!

Spaying …

Raven’s scheduled to be spayed on Tuesday. I know it’s what has to be done, I know that it’s the best thing to do. And I hate it!

I’ve had far more female dogs and cats than male, I’ve been through this half a dozen times – you’d think it would be easy for me by now, but it isn’t. Actually Bryce (the only male dog I’ve had as an adult) was the only one of mine ever to have any post-neutering “complications” of any sort, and that was just because he pulled his e-collar off on day #2 while I was at work and ate ALL the plastic tabs off of it (it took him a couple of weeks to expel them all from his stomach!)

It’s going to be tough to see “Little Miss Happy” hurting after the operation and sad when I can’t let her play with Jayda or have her usual freedom to jump on the bed and the sofa for a couple of weeks, but wish us well and we’ll get through it.

Here’s a not-very-high-quality but cute video of her with Hat. Hat LOVES the dogs, especially Raven – they’re almost the same size! She usually doesn’t mind being on the receiving end of his kitty-love displays, but by the time I’d gotten the camera she was starting to get a little tired of it.

Dinner for Three

A rare glimpse of the 3 outside kitties enjoying dinner together on my steps. (From top to bottom: Kit, Cassie, Hat)

After dinner, the handsome Hat catches a few late afternoon rays in his favorite spot.


My dogs have all become acquainted with Hat and they’ve really hit it off. The dogs like him. How could they not? He’s such a sweet boy! They’re fascinated by his funny ears (“Dude! How’d they get your ears to do THAT???!!!). Only problem with the dogs making friends with Hat is that now they want to go “say hi” to the other 2 outside kitties – I can guarantee them that feeling is NOT mutual!

Happy Anniversary, Kacey

13 years ago on Memorial Day weekend, a friend’s son stepped outside on a break from his job in an office park hotel and heard little mewing sounds. Following the sound, he looked underneath the dumpster and found a tiny kitten, all alone! Being an animal lover from a family of animal lovers, he scooped her up and brought her to his Mom when he finished his shift.

The next day was Memorial day and that’s when I met her. The poor baby was maybe 5 weeks old, half-starved and runny eyes and a runny nose She hadn’t a clue about solid food and also turned out to have diarrhea and fleas.

I didn’t think her chances for survival were very good, but she was a tough little fighter. That day I saw her take first few licks of canned cat food and once she had something in her tummy she revived enough to play a little.

Long story short, she pulled through and ended up with me! Happy Anniversary, K!

Now here’s the test: Can you find the cat in this picture?
wheres kacey?

My Sweet Jasmine

March (?) 1993 – April 7, 2009


Almost 15 years ago, I went to the pet food store on some long-forgotten errand and came home with a cat.

It was shelter adoption day at the store, but that wasn’t on my agenda. She wasn’t the first one that caught my eye, but she was the one that held it. When I first saw her, she was in a cage by herself – this beautiful little orange-eyed orange kitty. They had her stacked on top of a cage full of young kittens and she was wistfully watching them play with some toys through the bottom of her cage. She was barely more than a kitten herself but nobody’d thought to give her a toy. She wanted one so badly …

The next thing I knew I was signing the papers and questioning my sanity.

The shelter people didn’t know how she was with dogs – or if she’d ever even seen a dog before. Just after I handed over my $20 and finalized the transaction, in walked a customer with … a sheltie! Sheltie innocently put his nose near the cardboard carrier containing my brand new kitty … kitty went hissy-ballistic and nearly clawed her way of the carrier! Oooo-kay – answered THAT question!

But a promise is a promise so nevertheless moments later I found myself putting her in my car, all the way home berating myself for being such an impulsive idiot, certain I was introducing a major source of strife into my household and consigning us all to 13-odd years of Hell …

Within an hour of letting her out in my house, I knew she was where she belonged. Rescuing Jasmine was the most wonderful, demented-impulsive thing I’ve ever done in my life.


She gave us all so much joy over the years, making friends with everyone (even Kacey!). I loved watching her sleep with and play with the dogs – first Tiffy and Sally:

Tiffy and Jasmine

Jasmine and Sally

… and later with Bryce, Jayda and Raven.

Jas and Jayda

Jayda and Jasmine

As you can see, once she got used to the idea she really LIKED dogs!

And how Jasmine loved to snuggle! Like a hot water bottle like feet, she was always in my lap or curled up beside me – or if I wasn’t available, she’d snuggle with Kacey or one of the dogs (if they’d have her!) I always loved sleeping in with her curled up under my chin – lulled to sleep by her mesmerizing purr.

Jasmine and Kacey

There was also her fun-loving sense of humor. The girl just LOVED to play, and she remained playful right up until her last few months (when that awful tumor started taking over her mouth) – chasing toys (the dogs’ tennis balls were a favorite), wrestling with my shoes and my head, making “crazy cat” runs through the house or up the scratch post, playing “beast in a blanket”, doing death-defying leaps across several feet of open space from one piece of furniture to another …and knocking all my pens on the floor. How she loved to play with pens! She’d eyeball them with this mischievious little “look” on her face and send them flying.

Now I’ll always be able to find a pen… but I’ll miss her very, very much.


Note: The best pictures I have of Jasmine are of her sleeping – not because she was a lazy cat by any means, but because she LOATHED having her picture taken! At the first hint of any camera noises she would very sweetly swear at me in Cat and leave.