C-ATCH Jayda!

C-ATCH Toven A Thousand Kisses

“The Dark Horse” did it!

It was quite a productive weekend – two jackpot Q’s for Jayda to finish her CPE Agility Championship, two jumpers Q’s for Bryce to finish his Jumpers Championship (class championship – 15 Q’s at Level 5). And not to be left out, Raven got her last L3 Fullhouse Q, for her CL3-F title. So a BIG title rosette for the big dog, a medium sized rosette for the medium dog and a little title ribbon for the babydog.

And what better than a quiet park by the river on a crisp autumn day for a beautiful picture to mark the occasion :).

More and a recap of the last couple of weeks in a few days when I have some time, but I couldn’t wait to post this lovely picture of my Jayd-Jayd :).