101 Things to Do With a Puppy – #23

After a rocky early start with the clicker (the sound was a natural aversive for her), Raven has finally caught onto it and is becoming more operant so I’ve been starting to teach her a bunch of different tricks. I thought it would be cool to post all the things I teach her in her first year or so here, under the category “101 Things to Do With A Puppy”.

Not in any particular numerical order, here’s the first – I’m calling this one “Puppy in a Tub”…

Puppy in a tub trick

Puppy in a tub (all 4 feet)

The object of the game is “put all 4 feet in the tub”. Not too difficult for the size-challenged Raven!


  1. mary d says

    This looks pretty cool! I’m one of those people who run out of ideas for tricks after, oh, say, “down.” Glad to find your site – is there a way to subscribe to a daily email?

  2. wpadmin says

    Sorry I don’t have a mailing list, but you can subscribe to my rss feed or follow me on twitter – links at the top of the page :)!

    I need to get back to teaching more tricks – haven’t had much time lately!