Name That Puppy!

Now that I have “Raven”, I need a good full name to go with it. Here are some of my “possibles”

Toven Rave Review – Fits with both her callname and her Mom’s name (“Extra Extra”), but it’s been “done” a lot (and probably half of the dogs with that name are called “Raven”).

Toven Ravin’ Lunatic – Just kidding :) – Toni would kill me! (Not to mention its probably bad karma to give your dog a name with “lunatic” in it!)

Toven Light up the Night - My fave so far!

Toven Starlight at Night

Those last two both honor my Sally (who had “Amber Starlite” in her name). Raven was born exactly one week before what would have been Sally’s 16th birthday, and her puppy name “Cookie” was Sally’s nickname.

Votes? Suggestions?


  1. says

    I’m all with Ravin Lunatic. Toni wouldn’t let me call Tazz “Tazmanian Devil”.
    So my vote is def with Ravin’ Lunatic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its a name with great karma!!!!

  2. says

    PS: I love the name Raven. Thought I had written a comment on an earlier post but cant have publlished it??? That was actually on my top 5 list at one point – kennel name “xxxxx When Night Falls”, petname Raven. But gave it as an option for a sheltie breeder here in Denmark and the picked it :o)
    Vote is still on with Ravin’ Lunatic.

  3. wpadmin says

    But she’s so NOT a lunatic – she’s a very sane little puppy :) ! A little OBNOXIOUS? Yes, but very, very sane!

    Johanna, I think that comment ended up tied to a post other than the one you thought it was on (I know I saw it).

  4. wpadmin says

    Considering that bringing Raven home makes the human-furkid ratio around here 1:6 (not counting the ferals and occasional squirrel), I probably am :) !

    (I still think I should hold off mentioning that name to Toni until she has her shoulder surgery and is on lots of pain meds…)

  5. Pat says

    You KNOW that I like ravin’ lunatic!!!!! and I know that Toni will be clutching her chest and passing out. but I really like Toven Ravin’ Lunatic – you will certainly get noticed!