Jumping styles

I love looking at pictures to see how different dogs use their bodies in agility, especially when they jump. Styles can vary so much even within the same breed.

This was my beautiful Sally (1991-2006). Sally used to tuck her rear feet up very tightly behind her. She sometimes tucked her carpals on takeoff and she usually kept her head low.

Sally jumping

If she was feeling especially happy the head came up a bit and the front paws stretched out, but those back feet were always right up under her tail (as you can see in the photo below). She was light as a feather on her feet, and so pretty to watch!

Sally - triple

Bryce has a more moderate rear tuck. He always carries his head high which makes him land rather heavily on his front, and he never, ever, EVER, bends his wrists – it’s just not “manly” :)! He also jumps somewhat flatter. No matter what the jump height there’s rarely much air between him and the top bar – he’s efficient.

Bryce jumping

Jayda jumps with her head low. Not only are her carpals always tucked, I’ve noticed they’re often CROSSED besides! And she doesn’t tuck up her legs in the rear, just lifts them as high as she has to. She has such long “landing gear”, maybe its too much of a bother to fold and unfold it completely? I wouldn’t call her a “pretty” jumper, but she gets the job done. She’s also very “green”, so it will be interesting to see if her style changes with experience.

Jayda jumping

All 3 of these dogs are (and were) VERY clean jumpers who rarely, if ever, take down a bar, so it seems to be mostly a case of finding what works for you and using it!

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  1. Auntie B says

    It must be genetic! Both Hex and Zen very often cross their front legs while jumping!

  2. wpadmin says

    How funny! Since Bryce doesn’t jump like that, I thought that was just quirky Jayda. Do Monty or Taz do it too or is it a “girly thing”?