Gardening – FAIL!

Epic Gardening FAIL

So much for my “grow a potato from a potato” experiment!

OK – you can stop laughing now.

No really – Stop laughing!


  1. Liz says

    I checked out this post after reading your wonderfully written and heartbreaking tribute to your colleague, Scott.

    Poor little potatoes –Okay – now I wish I had taken photos of the carrots I grew when I was about 13. I think I invented baby carrots = they were about an inch or two long – why? becuase I didn’t dig up/ till the ground and those poor things couldn’t push through the hard soil LoL!

  2. wpadmin says

    I was growing the plant in a container and it looked like it was doing well until we started getting all that RAIN! Irene finished it off.

    Thank goodness for supermarkets!