For All Moms of Four Legged Kids

In human terms, they have the abilities of a toddler, yet among their own kind, they’re adults in their own right.


Some of them sass back to you just like teenagers!


Sometimes the love and understanding flow easily in both directions.


Other times, the relationship is more complicated…


They may delight you with their boldness and joie de vivre.

Or they may be shy and require lots of nurturing.

Jayda as a puppy

You live in the shadow of knowing that they will probably cross over the bridge before you… And that most people won’t understand when you don’t “get over it” in a day or so.

Sally - 4 or 5 weeks old

Yet you wouldn’t trade the joy of those 13-or-so years for the world!

Happy Mothers Day to all my fellow FOUR LEGGED Moms!!!


  1. Joe Chvastek says

    No matter how many times we’ve been thu it, each one taeches us many new things about them and about ourselves. You’re right, I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything in the world!