Diagnose this grocery list

That would be: 1 bottle of sports water with vitamins, 2 bottles of electrolyte-enhanced plain water, a bunch of bananas, 2 boxes of water crackers, and a container of low-sodium, low-fat chicken broth (which I don’t normally eat!). Not shown: Applesauce, picked up on a previous trip.


Stomach flu … or food poisoning. Woke up with it last Sunday morning, spent most of last week with it. I NEVER get sick to my stomach so I’m a real baby when I do!!! I also probably prolonged the agony by not avoiding caffeine or dairy products – who knew?

Fingers crossed, it seems to have finally cleared up after a trip to the doctor on Thursday. Because they gave me some great miracle drug? Nah! I’ll spare you the gory details, but if it didn’t clear up “in a day or two” they wanted me to do something VERY Unpleasant. My body has an amazing ability to heal itself when threatened with things that are Very Unpleasant!

For example: About 9-10 years ago I almost had knee surgery. One weekend, my left knee puffed up and started really hurting. Went to the doctor and to an orthopedist who diagnosed cartilage damage. Was in pain for weeks and weeks and finally broke down and scheduled surgery – made arrangements for Bryce to go on vacation to Auntie Bernadette, bought sod to put on my back porch so Tiffy and Sally could potty there instead of me having to take them down the back …

Then a few days before the surgery, I felt something move and it stopped hurting! Funny clicks? Grinding noises? Excruciating pain? Gone, gone and gone. The day of the surgery, it still wasn’t hurting. Long story short, being seriously doctor-phobic AND not being one to let someone slice apart body parts that aren’t bothering me, I got to the hospital … and didn’t go through with it! Walked right out of there and kept on walking. Npw my OTHER knee’s a little “iffy”, but that knee hasn’t bothered me since!!

I did a little more in my film-to-video project. Here’s some cute footage of Bryce as a baby, playing with a chewie – he was a little over 5 mos old here.


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    Maybe I should threaten MY knee. Zeeba is entered in his first trial in March and I need to be able to RUN. glad you’re feeling better.