Bryce is a good sport!

Cowboy BryceWhy did I embarass the poor boy like that?

I run a small pet costumes web site. Just for fun, each year I hold an annual Halloween Photo Contest where anyone can submit and vote on their favorite photos. The best photo each week gets featured on the home page, and at the end of the contest the most popular photos get bragging rights and are showcased on the site.

Last year we had quite a few entries and some amazingly creative costumes. One of my faves was a homemade school bus costume for a Corgi – it was absolutely PERFECT! Running the contest is a lot of work, but seeing the great pictures people send in makes it all worth while!!

Nobody wants to be first to submit a photo, so Bryce agreed to dress up (appropriately) as a cowboy to get the ball rolling this year.

So, if you or anyone you know has a great picture of your dog (or cat, or other pet) wearing a costume, come join in the fun! Rules and entry link are at!

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