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Bryce in the weaves

Born: 7/10/98-7/29/13
AKA:“Bubba” (when he’s naughty)
He Answers To: Bryce… or Cute … or Beautiful (though he prefers "Handsome" or "Hot").
Parents: Am/Can Ch. Toven Wintertide Can CD, ROM, ROMC x Ruffian Children’s Classic
Bryce’s Pedigree

How can I describe Bryce?

Bryce was my little "white tornado" – imagine a hundred pounds of canine charisma packed into a 16 lb, 14 1/2″ body! Enthusiastic, charming, funny and sensitive, he was a gorgeous Sheltie who may have had a promising career in the breed ring had he not been born more than 50% white. Besides being a talented agility dog, he had sunny, outgoing personality that made everyone smile!

bryce tunnel

Bryce was a sensitive, funny, earnest little soul. Very maternal for a boy, he loved
children and puppies. He also liked playing fetch, agility, sheep, cookies, bouncing and attention from total strangers (not necessarily in that order). He hated being ignored, was not good at being quiet and inconspicuous. Life for Bryce was one big party!

Bryce jumping

The love of his life was … his yucky ducky – a toy he had since he was about 3 years old. It went outside with him when he had to potty, it came to trials with us. Even by dog person standards it was pretty nasty and cleaning just made it a lighter shade of gray, but it was his soulmate and he hated being without it!

When he passed, I thought long and hard about whether to keep the duck or send it with him. In the end, I decided we needed it more than he did, so it has been lovingly kept in its old spot above my desk.

In April of 2008, Bryce was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma – an uncommon blood cancer which causes an overproliferation of malignant plasma cells. Despite the diagnosis and ongoing treatment, Bryce kept competing in agility and earning more titles until he retired at age 13 – he wouldn’t have had it any other way! In January 2010 he earned his CPE C-ATCH!


  1. Granny Toni says

    So proud of that boy! He’s never believed in his diagnosis, so keeps on ticking!!! Always was the fun loving boy…he would have made a great show dog as well…and, Despite the white, he’s a Champion in my mind!!! Love you, Brycie!!!!

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